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The Worst Kept Secret (TWKS) is a digital and social media agency that builds capability for organisations by providing digital audits, bespoke training, strategy consulting and online community management.

TWKS has worked in the broader digital marketing arena delivering a range of plans across: search, social media, websites, email marketing, online advertising, mobile and affiliate marketing. With all of these TWKS builds on traditional business development and brand management/marketing principles to ensure digital is integrated and impactful.

However, with social media as its speciality – TWKS applies a ‘digital and social media lens’ across its clients’ organisation (be they in the private, public or not-for-profit sector) to enhance existing working methods and results and addresses the ‘so what’ question.

In schools, TWKS works to bridge the gap between study and working life – assisting teachers with digital and social media tools to make lessons more engaging. A key focus and passion for us here is to help, in particular, under-privileged students by providing ‘access to opportunity’. TWKS also developed and launched the UK’s first social media course to be assessed at GCSE as well as delivering a range of projects focused on ‘access to opportunity’.

Why are we named ‘The Worst Kept Secret’ (TWKS)?


We believe that success leaves clues. To help achieve the results that you are after – it is about discovering these clues; learning about their meaning; then interpreting them and, most importantly, knowing what to do with them (the ‘so what’ factor)!

And so, we are named ‘The Worst Kept Secret’ (or TWKS for short) as once you learn about and discover the principals – it is your “Eureka” moment when you realise that actually you knew this. Also, ‘worst kept secrets’ have a viral effect. This is particularly relevant in our connected digital world – where you are defined more by what you share as opposed to what you click.

Company Directors


Andrew Davis
Director Digital Advisory & Training

Andrew is a leading social media authority and one of the most experienced social media trainers in the UK. He works with small businesses through to global brands and shows them how to effectively use social media to meet their business needs and save time. His career spans 12 years in digital: starting off moderating chat rooms for Pop Idol, then producing radio shows for BBC 1Xtra and finally managing content and marketing for MySpace. He has spent much of his recent career focused on the impact of social media and is currently on Ofcom’s advisory committee for England. You can find him on LinkedIn and Google+


Dowshan Humzah
Director Digital Development & Consulting

Dowshan has delivered profitable business growth via product development, brand innovation and digital channel expansion for blue-chip companies across Financial Services, Internet, Telecoms, Media and FMCG. He shows how organisations can benefit from applying a ‘digital and social media lens’ across their core organisational objectives and then answer the ‘so what’ question to generate customer and financial value. He started his career in Brand Management for Procter & Gamble, and then led business units for Orange, Virgin Media, The RSA Insurance Group and a couple of start-ups. You can find him on LinkedIn and Google+

Who We Have Worked For

We have helped many organisations from the B2C, B2B, not-for-profit and the education sector over the years. Each organisation has had different challenges and objectives that we have designed bespoke training programs for, consulted for or helped with delivery.


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