Why was I not told about working in digital media in school?


The Worst Kept Secret is conducting a series of interviews with some of the leading professionals who work in digital and social media. Aside from understanding the organisational and business challenges that digital and social media can help overcome; two of the main reasons for this is to provide insights to those who are interested in pursuing a career within digital media and on how to enter this exciting industry.

My name is Laura Thompson; I am a 21 year old raised in Edinburgh, Scotland and here is my story.

I left school at 16 and went to a theatre school for a year wanting to become an actress or a TV presenter. Knowing that I wanted to get into presenting, I found a competition online to win a workshop day with industry professionals sharing their insight at KISS FM radio station in London. I feel very fortunate to have won a place for the day and that was where I also met Andrew Davis who was leading a social media workshop. I kept in contact with him as I became intrigued about social media and how it could potentially help me. A year later when he started The Worst Kept Secret, I was taken onboard in a marketing role. I asked Andrew why he chose me and he said “because you were hungry, have a passion to work hard and were interested in learning… knowing you have those traits, teaching you how digital works is easy”.

Before I met Andrew I had NO idea what social media was even though I used it a bit to chat to friends. It is clear to me now that understanding and applying social media is essential  for you to progress in any career nowadays and there is such a lack of meaningful information for young people about  social and digital media. It is because of this that we decided to conduct these interviews. It’s just like speaking and writing good English – you now need good digital communication skills in all walks of life.

I hope you gain or learn something new from the interviews – and hopefully they can leave you feeling a bit inspired and in-the-know about the impact of social and digital media as well as potential career options.



Written By Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis is a leading social media authority and one of the most experienced social media trainers in the UK. He works with small businesses through to global brands and shows them how to effectively use social media to meet their business needs and save time. His career spans 12 years in digital and he has spent much of his recent career focused on the impact of social media. You can find him on LinkedIn and Google+

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