Web 2.0 Tip: Create a QR Code

TWKS QR code

QR codes are small images containing data, which are accessible through a variety of mobile applications. It’s easy (and free!) to create  your own QR code, which you could put on posters, leaflets, business cards or any other form of promotional material. Follow this quick guide to see how it’s done.

The Method – Create a QR Code

Time taken: 1-10 minutes (depending on the information you are entering)

Who for: Website admins/bloggers

What to do:

  1. Head over to http://goqr.me/
  2. Choose whether you want your QR code to contain:
    • Text
    • URL
    • Call (Phone number)
    • SMS
    • vCard
  3. One you have selected your option, fill in the desired text or details
  4. Your QR code will be displayed on the right, you can now choose to
    • Download the QR code in a .png format
    • Open the QR code in your browse
    • Get the the embed code for your QR code, for use on your blog or website
In addition to this, you can also change the background colour and other details your QR code by clicking on ‘Options’


So What?: QR codes are a fun way for your customers to engage with your page and/or content. They can also add a twist to traditional methods of sending out text messages or connecting with a customer via a phone call, which will be started by the customers activating the QR codes..

Written By Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis is a leading social media authority and one of the most experienced social media trainers in the UK. He works with small businesses through to global brands and shows them how to effectively use social media to meet their business needs and save time. His career spans 12 years in digital and he has spent much of his recent career focused on the impact of social media. You can find him on LinkedIn and Google+

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