How To Block Facebook and YouTube Ads


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Here’s our quick guide on how to block facebook and YouTube ads. Online advertisements can really disrupt the seamless experience that the internet can offer. Luckily there is a way for Google Chrome users to switch these off by installing a simple app from the Chrome Web Store. Follow this quick guide to see how you can do it too:

(We would like to point out that we have no affiliation with Adblock Plus app, we just think it’s really cool!)

The Method – Block Ads on Google Chrome

Skill Level: Intermediate

Time Taken: 45 seconds

Who for: Chrome Users

What to do:

  1. Start Chrome.
  2. Enter the following URL into your address bar:
  3. Click ‘+ Add to Chrome’
  4. Adblock Plus will now install and will immediately begin to filter ads
  5. VIDEO: In the video below I have shown some examples of how side banners and video advertisements have been removed from the YouTube.


So What?: Advertisements can quickly fill up your screen, constantly urging you to buy things you may have browsed in online stores (if you want to see this in action, head over to Amazon or Play and look at some cameras, then look at the adverts which pop up later!). Turning off adverts can let you focus on exactly what you want to see, without being tempted to buy something you really don’t need.

The Chrome Web Store also has plenty more fun apps that you can try out for free, so it might be worth having a browse of that too (…quick game of Angry Birds anyone??)

Written By Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis is a leading social media authority and one of the most experienced social media trainers in the UK. He works with small businesses through to global brands and shows them how to effectively use social media to meet their business needs and save time. His career spans 12 years in digital and he has spent much of his recent career focused on the impact of social media. You can find him on LinkedIn and Google+

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