TWKS deepens it roster of B2B and Digital Brands – and is delighted to be working with Aframe

Aframe, the cloud video production platform - makes it easy to store, search and share video so you can focus on being creative

The Worst Kept Secret is pleased to announce that it has been engaged by Aframe to develop their social media presence and help grow their business.

Aframe is a powerful, yet simple to use collaborative video platform built for production companies, broadcasters, brands, freelancers, archives – in fact just about anyone who produces video content. It simplifies the process of searching, sharing and storing video – offering secure and unlimited storage for these valuable assets. This need is both apparent in video production companies and, more so, in large corporates who traditionally have a lot of video content stored on physical media across many disparate locations.

“It is really exciting to be part of the Aframe story and play a part in redefining video production management as the volume of video content explodes,” said Dowshan Humzah, Director of TWKS. “We look forward to delivering creative and business building solutions using social media and community management for Aframe – helping them to target the key decision makers, have engaging conversations online and solve the difficulties that those in video production or video asset management may have.”

“Aframe gives anyone, anywhere, the ability to realise their creative vision and recognise the value of their video assets by removing the limitations to their success, with a system that is unlimitedly powerful, but is very simple to use.” said Gary Knight COO of Aframe. “We look forward to developing our understanding of social media and community management to help build our business through our collaboration with TWKS.”

Written by Dowshan Humzah

Written By Dowshan Humzah

Dowshan Humzah has delivered profitable business growth via product development, brand innovation and digital channel expansion for blue-chip companies across Financial Services, Internet, Telecoms, Media and FMCG as well as business start-ups. He shows how organisations can benefit from applying a ‘digital and social media lens’ across their core organisational objectives and then answer the ‘so what’ question in order to generate customer and financial value from digital tools. You can find him on LinkedIn and Google+

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