Oreo / 360i: Making the most of client / advertising agency relationships in a ‘real-time’ world

Oreo 3601 Twitter Advertising Agency Relationship

Many people are talking about ‘real-time marketing’; however, it is a challenge as most established and traditional organisations do not have immediate sign-off which is counter to a ‘real-time’ culture. A more collaborative approach is required – in which individuals are empowered and entrusted to act. Many brands have tried to copy the Oreo Superbowl 2013 tweet without understanding either the background or the relationship between the Oreo brand team and advertising agency (360i) – and so, they have not succeeded.

Oreo 360i Twitter Case Study

Oreo Superbowl 2013 ‘Power Out’ Tweet

The below shows the Oreo tweet that was produced by 360i and approved by the Oreo brand team in ‘real-time’ as the Superbowl 2013 ‘power out’ happened. This was ‘beautifully’ reported as “the tweet heard round the world” on Business Insider.

Oreo Power Out Tweet 4 Feb 2013

Written By Dowshan Humzah

Dowshan Humzah has delivered profitable business growth via product development, brand innovation and digital channel expansion for blue-chip companies across Financial Services, Internet, Telecoms, Media and FMCG as well as business start-ups. He shows how organisations can benefit from applying a ‘digital and social media lens’ across their core organisational objectives and then answer the ‘so what’ question in order to generate customer and financial value from digital tools. You can find him on LinkedIn and Google+

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