Australian Federal Police: Maximising Awareness and Engagement via YouTube Advertising


Arguably, the most clicked button on YouTube is: ‘Skip this ad’. How many of us either watch the ad – or, more importantly, how many organisations get to the point within those 5 seconds? The Australian Federal Police (AFP) shows us how any organisation can drive awareness and engagement via YouTube advertising; whilst, at the same time, delivering something truly original, impactful and dealing with the sensitive subject of ‘missing persons’.

AFP YouTube Advertising Case Study

The Australian Federal Police ‘Missing Person Pre-Roll’ YouTube Advert

The below video brings our ‘carS framework case study’ to life and shows the creative that the AFP used to generate leads for missing persons.

The Missing Person Pre-Roll from VML Australia on Vimeo.

Written By Dowshan Humzah

Dowshan Humzah has delivered profitable business growth via product development, brand innovation and digital channel expansion for blue-chip companies across Financial Services, Internet, Telecoms, Media and FMCG as well as business start-ups. He shows how organisations can benefit from applying a ‘digital and social media lens’ across their core organisational objectives and then answer the ‘so what’ question in order to generate customer and financial value from digital tools. You can find him on LinkedIn and Google+

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