Benadryl: Managing a user generated content crisis


When social media plans go wrong, they can go wrong in a big way – so it is important for brands to know how to manage crises. When asking users to create content, you are giving away control so being able to mange this process is key. Last year Benadryl created a campaign with the idea to get users to help other users who suffer from hay fever. Unfortunately they had a potential ‘crisis’ with the execution, but they handled it well.


Here are some screen shots of what some users were creating



Benadryl Image

Benadryl’s response

Benedryl Thanks

Written By Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis is a leading social media authority and one of the most experienced social media trainers in the UK. He works with small businesses through to global brands and shows them how to effectively use social media to meet their business needs and save time. His career spans 12 years in digital and he has spent much of his recent career focused on the impact of social media. You can find him on LinkedIn and Google+

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