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Is the Role of the Social Media Manager Changing?

2011 was the year the social media manager’s role was starting to appear on job boards across the Internet with the main responsibilities around building and managing communities across many platforms. Could this role change within 3 years? Are we going from managing conversations...
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4 Focal Points for B2B Social Media Marketing

Recently we have worked closely with many B2B companies and helped them understand where social media sits within their organisation or for specific projects. Based on some of the biggest challenges they faced, here are 4 focal points for B2B social media marketing that...
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Social Media and Mobile Integration

Social media and mobile are now integrated channels

It is well accepted that the pace of change in the last 20 years has outweighed any such period before – mainly due to the ubiquitous penetration of the mobile phone, computers, high-speed Internet and, most recently, social media and mobile. And so, we...
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Web 2.0 Tip: Create a QR Code

QR codes are small images containing data, which are accessible through a variety of mobile applications. It’s easy (and free!) to create  your own QR code, which you could put on posters, leaflets, business cards or any other form of promotional material. Follow this...
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LinkedIn Tip: How to Grab a Vanity URL

“At Email Fig Silhoutte Slide Computer” © 2012 Geralt, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Public Domain Dedication license: Creating a Vanity URL on your LinkedIn page is just one of the small but necessary steps you should take when creating your profile, as it...
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Facebook tip: How to make a Facebook Page for a Small Business

“Calculator Money Pen Business Office Equipment” © 2010 PublicDomainPictures, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Public Domain Dedication license: Businesses around the UK are now starting to realise that having a Social Media presence is one of the most effective ways of staying in touch...
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Jonny Erazo – Social Media Coordinator at New Era Caps

Jonny Erazo , the social media coordinator at New Era talks about why we will see social media more and more connect with the ‘real’ world and how there could be a stuggle with some social networks from competition   Name: Jonny Erazo  Company:  New Era Job Role:  Social...
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Why was I not told about working in digital media in school?

The Worst Kept Secret is conducting a series of interviews with some of the leading professionals who work in digital and social media. Aside from understanding the organisational and business challenges that digital and social media can help overcome; two of the main reasons...
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