The Power of Digital

Social Media and Mobile Integration

Social media and mobile are now integrated channels

It is well accepted that the pace of change in the last 20 years has outweighed any such period before – mainly due to the ubiquitous penetration of the mobile phone, computers, high-speed Internet and, most recently, social media and mobile. And so, we...
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TWKS QR code

Web 2.0 Tip: Create a QR Code

QR codes are small images containing data, which are accessible through a variety of mobile applications. It’s easy (and free!) to create  your own QR code, which you could put on posters, leaflets, business cards or any other form of promotional material. Follow this...
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Jonny Erazo – Social Media Coordinator at New Era Caps

Jonny Erazo , the social media coordinator at New Era talks about why we will see social media more and more connect with the ‘real’ world and how there could be a stuggle with some social networks from competition   Name: Jonny Erazo  Company:  New Era Job Role:  Social...
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