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Community management is both an art and a science. It requires a focus on four areas: listening and research; ongoing moderation and management; content creation, curation and distribution; and analysis and reporting.

In addition to the basic skills of community management, developing and managing an editorial calendar – we recognise that brand fit is important. We ensure that our community managers or trainers for your in-house team also have a degree of knowledge and passion for your brand and market.

We are able to deliver or ‘hand hold’ you until your teams are able to execute your strategy and/or manage and develop your online communities in line with your business needs and marketing strategy. Good community management can help deliver your organisation’s engagement, loyalty and conversion needs – whilst being consistent with your brand promise.

We are well aware that you may have other agencies covering advertising, media, CRM and PR – and so, we will integrate our digital and social media community management with your traditional marketing strategies and plans. Our ‘hand-holding’ approach can help deliver specific business objectives or fill-in resource gaps given your organisation’s needs.



“TWKS’ interactive workshop was engaging, current and most importantly, extremely well researched in relation to understanding our consumer needs and how we can communicate our brand initiatives through the various social media platforms. The guys had the ability to relate and engage with the members of our European team using their extensive knowledge and experience within the social media community.”” – Samantha Fogden, PR Manager, New Era
Samantha Fogden, PR Manager, New Era


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