Made In 48 Hours for Small to Medium Size Businesses


This illustrates how our social media workshops have helped SME/small businesses during a recent business building event that TWKS played a key role in.


Made in 48 Hours is the brainchild of entrepreneur and former BBC TV ‘Dragon’s Den’ dragon Doug Richard.

The event (held in September 2010) was similar to an intensive boot-camp, but targeted to small businesses that needed and wanted to grow and grow fast. The goal was to immerse all businesses that attended in techniques to use the Internet to accelerate growth, lower costs and increase profits. It was part of an event in Sheffield titled ‘Made: The Entrepreneur Festival’.

Doug Richard and his company School For Start-Ups approached TWKS to provide one of the three trainers and presenters. Andrew Davis from TWKS, alongside Doug Richards and SEO expert, Joost de Valk, led this event and helped the small businesses achieve their goals.

Desired Outcomes

TWKS was responsible for the social media element for this event and had three desired outcomes to achieve.

• To give all businesses attending a greater understanding of the fundamental principles of social media.
• To help the businesses understand how social media can affect their business in today’s economy.
• To help all businesses create a social media strategy that they could implement immediately.

Action Plan

To achieve the desired outcomes five areas were covered.

  1. What is social media (and why it is more than just Facebook)
  2. The power of content
  3. Monitoring activity online
  4. Developing a social media strategy
  5. Anticipating future trends

The Detailed Sessions

Session 1: Own Your Identity Online

Every network on the web, every distribution channel, every third party system presents a new opportunity and challenge – and so, business leaders need to own their company’s position on the web. We started the two days by helping small businesses prioritise and take ownership of their company’s brand across the web.

Session 2: Social Media and The Power Of Content

Define the tools and leverage content to drive people to their website. We demonstated each of the key tools and tricks to build an effective online presence to help achieve business objectives of growing sales, reducing cost and increasing profitability.

Session 3: Monitoring

This session focused on teaching the businesses how to listen to what the online world is saying about them, their brand, their competitors and their marketplace. The key tools and steps were reviewed to ensure businesses could manage their identity, search strategy and social media efforts (being time and cost effective).

Session 4: Social Media Strategy

We focused on highlighting the link between social media strategy and business success by providing some case studies. This helped to further illustrate how all the distinct pieces come together including staking a business’ identity across the web, building the brand, attracting new customers, leveraging content, listening, search and SEO.

Session 5: The Future

Given that the online world is ever changing with new services and systems, we gave a glimpse of what to expect next and how to stay on top of it all.


  • Overall, feedback from the businesses was very positive (most businesses left with detailed action plans).
  • 300 small businesses created an online presence
  • 91% of all attendees felt the content was either extremely or very relevant to them



For further information or to run the course in your business please contact us.