How MTV Geordie Shore Captured Your Attention Via Social Media

TWKS helped MTV achieve TV ratings and social media fame with the premiere of ‘Geordie Shore’.


MTV were about to launch Geordie Shore (their first UK produced show in over three years). The US equivalent Jersey Shore has a substantial following of both viewers and online fans – with social media playing a significant role. MTV UK wanted to mirror this success.

MTV UK’s primary aim was for this show to attract viewers – delivering a significant audience for a premiere. In addition, there was a need to help ‘educate’ the stars of the show in social media to manage their Twitter and online presences responsibly. And so, MTV decided to use The Worst Kept Secret to assist their marketing and digital efforts.

The three desired outcomes for MTV UK were to:

  1. Create a strategy based around community for the show pre-launch.
  2. Build the profile of the cast pre-launch.
  3. Ensure that the cast knew how to best engage and communicate on Twitter.

Plan of Action

  • We helped shape the social media strategy by working closely with the marketing and digital team to understand their challenges and meet their objectives specifically around content and distribution.
  • We developed a training programme to build professional capability for the marketing team and stars so that they could communicate with fans and build their profile. We specifically looked at media training for Twitter inc best practices, legal issues and how to generate followers.


• Geordie Shore (which launched on Tuesday 24th May 2011 at 10pm) generated MTV UK’s largest audience for adults in 3 years – making it the highest viewed non-terrestrial channel in pay-TV homes in this slot.
•  The show attracted an audience of 330K adults (and within that 177K 16-34 year old adults) – considerably outperforming its slot average.
•  Geordie Shore was the number one trending topic on Twitter in the UK and Ireland on the launch night.
•  The number of Twitter followers for the Geordie Shore cast members rapidly increased with each of them seeing an increase of approximately 5k.
•  The official ‘Geordie Shore’ Facebook page received over 4k new fans across the one hour slot, having already received well over 66K ‘likes’.

Press Release

MTV Geordie Shore on Digital Spy


“We were about to launch Geordie Shore, our priority commissioned show for MTV UK for 2011, and knew that digital would be at the heart of our strategy. Our objective was simple: use social media to help it become MTV UK’s most talked about and watched show. We worked with The Worst Kept Secret, who helped shape our digital plan and create a course on Twitter to train the stars of the show. With their help we exceeded our objectives. Geordie Shore generated MTV UK’s largest audience for any show ever broadcast on MTV UK and it was also the highest viewed channel in pay homes in this slot for its launch. I really recommend TWKS as they quickly understood our challenges and delivered results. I am looking forward to working with them again.”

Emma Roscoe – Head of Marketing, MTV UK & Ireland