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When we consult we ensure that you and your teams quickly develop a clear social media strategy that will complement your organisation’s current strategy and help deliver your business goals.

As part of this we have a number of models that we use to simply develop a strategy that can resonate across your organisation and impact broad objectives. These models include ‘The 10 Elements of Social Media’, ‘The 4Cs of Content’, ‘Search, Share, Discover’ and ‘Viral Marketing and Meme’ models – all of which can be used to drive strategic thinking.

Our tried-and-tested models work across most B2C, B2B, private sector and public sector organisations; however, if needed, we can develop specific models for you to build a strategy in line with your organisation’s objectives and digital needs. In addition, we are able to identify and mitigate against potential challenges that could appear in the future (scenario planning).

As always, we apply a ‘digital and social media lens’ across your organisation and focus on the ‘so what’ questions developing a clear way forward. Whilst measurable results are of the highest importance, we also focus on impact where we can use digital and social media to change the way you do business



“We were about to launch Geordie Shore, our priority commissioned show for MTV UK for 2011, and knew that digital would be at the heart of our strategy. Our objective was simple: use social media to help it become MTV UK’s most talked about and watched show. We consulted with The Worst Kept Secret, who helped shape our digital plan and create a course on Twitter to train the stars of the show. With their help we exceeded our objectives. Geordie Shore generated MTV UK’s largest audience for any show ever broadcast on MTV UK and it was also the highest viewed channel in pay homes in this slot for its launch. I really recommend TWKS as they quickly understood our challenges and delivered results. I am looking forward to working with them again.” – Emma Roscoe, Head of Marketing, MTV UK
Emma Roscoe, Head of Marketing, MTV UK


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